How it works

hand shake image believe that flexibility is important and key to mutual respect. Generally, one to one therapy sessions are organised on a weekly basis and at the same time each week, This ensures consistency for our sessions together as time boundaries play an important role. Some may decide to have fortnight session which can also be facilitated. Usually, one to one sessions run for 50 minutes and double sessions are 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Our first session will support you in understanding our working relationship. I view our initial session as an opportunity for you to explore whether working with me as your therapist will help you find solutions to tackle challenges you are currently facing. It is useful to obtain some basic information from you to see if I can assist your journey. This is generally centred around struggles and what prompted you to reach out for counselling in the first place and to identify what a good therapy outcome looks like for you.

I feel that building a therapeutic relationship provides the foundations for a trusting and meaningful alliance between us. I believe that each person is a unique individual. Your therapy will be tailored to your needs rather than trying to impose a rigid model or approach that may not be suitable for you.


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