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If you are considering therapy but have reservations about how it can help you, I offer a free half-hour telephone consultation (call 01172 900 020) During the call, we can discuss your presenting issues and explore any concerns and questions you may have about embarking into therapy.

Should we begin working together, our initial session will be a face to face consultation where we begin the process of building a therapeutic relationship. We shall explore your background, current issues and establish which type of therapy will be most suited to your needs.

The outcomes of our initial meeting will provide an opportunity to set goals for therapy and offer a space for you to ask any questions you might have and decide whether you would like to begin your therapy together.

We can also talk about your options in terms of short-term counselling and longer-term therapy. By the end of our initial session, you should have a clearer idea of what you can expect from our work together as well as the goals you wish to achieve.

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